dinsdag 21 januari 2014

maandag 11 november 2013

Black and blue striped

A sketch from my new sketchbook! Needed a new one desperatly, but couldn't find the dummies i always used. I bought a a6 dummy for travels and instant inspirations, love to work on this small size paper. I'll be updating my blog soon for more projects I've been doing. X

woensdag 14 augustus 2013


A few months ago, I worked on a game called ArcusHeroes. The game was developed  in  the context of students who had special talent or story. It's an competition were the students compete with eachother for the titel MBO uitblinker 2013. In this game, you could play as one of the characters and help the student to get the highest score and be a Arcus Hero. The competitions ended in may, but you can still play the game online. Rkade (studio of Rens Lensvelt) asked me to do the designs of the game. I did  the character plus the animation of the character for the game. I did several designs fot the background and the evil guy and I did the frontcover, which was a different style than the game to make it more interesting.

maandag 22 juli 2013

Working on character

Working working working and enjoying the summer at the same time! Here's one of the characters i'm working on at tue moment. It's a personal projects, and I'm hoping to finished it next year in the summer. Looking good?

maandag 8 juli 2013

maandag 24 juni 2013

woensdag 12 juni 2013


This one is voor the Letterenfonds (a Dutch foundation for Literature).  They had a tour to give a short impression about translators, which this animation was included. Most people don't know the things translators has to take into account and how they have to make a connection with the book to translate it. Hooray for translators!